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The Wise Woman Network

Welcome to The Wise Woman Network

Unleash your inner goddess, ignite your inner flame, create your best life!

What is The Wise Woman Network?

WWN is a community for women who are looking to wake up their sleeping inner goddess and are seeking guidance and community in the process.

Women around the world are finally waking up to the fact that for centuries they have has their power suppressed and no longer want to lay dormant. For generations we have been taught to be afraid to express our true self and to hide it away by religions and governments everywhere. Through the ages of this happening, women stopped gathering and many practices have therefore been lost, leaving entire generations of women without guidance and knowledge of what we are truly here to do and be.

In WWN, I hope to help reawaken your memory to your own birth right, and help you to find and construct your own path while bringing back the safety in gathering. It is so important, especially now, that women have a safe place to share, learn, and grow free of judgment and fear. WWN is a place where we can support each other in our expansion, share from our own cultures and traditions, and learn how to get in touch with our own divinity again so that we may be constantly in line and interacting with the Divine Goddess Within.

What you will find inside:

In the Network you will find Classes, Courses, Circles, and most importantly, Community. We have both go at your own pace and step by step guided courses, daily guidance, live events, chatrooms, and many educational resources to awaken and educate you on many different topics that you can add to your personal journey.

Why learning in Community is important:

Community for women has long been lost, and more and more as our society claim to "progress" it is in fact leaving women in the dust. We no longer have sacred or safe spaces to call our own and more and more of what is our sacred power is being infiltrated by men through patriarchy. Women are purposely convinced to separate themselves through "mean girl" narratives and hyper independence. This is done on purpose to keep us down and wounded, and outside of our true potential. 

When women gather and hold each other up, our strength and power can be reawakened. Through telling our stories, sharing our insights, and supporting each other in life's journey, we again become the unstoppable force the system is so afraid of.